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Want to learn a universally flattering shaping method and easy to create texture for classic lashes and wet look lashes? Watch me as I create both classic and wet look lashes on my models from start to finish.


Demos On Models


Whiteboard Explanations

Placement For Direction

Close-up of Spike Making

...and MORE!

This course is designed to help you create a customized and complementary look for your client easily! Explaining everything from placing the eye pads to mapping and styling; how to choose the length, diameters and select a style that's always flattering, inner corners, choosing curls, etc.

Submit photos for feedback & receive a styling certificate. 

This course is designed as a styling class for already classic lash-trained artists. Basic beginner skills such as how to isolate, how to prep the lashes, how to attach a lash, how to remove a lash, etc are required.

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